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The joint portal Waldihaus was created especially for Russian house builders!


The goal of the construction portal Waldihaus is to provide Russian manufacturers with the opportunity to sell their homes in Europe. We invite ALL Russian manufacturers of wooden houses to cooperate.

About us

Waldihaus is an international community of construction organizations in Europe and Russia. We use the traditions and skills of the construction of Russian craftsmen to provide high-quality houses for the residents of the European Union.

The technology of building wooden houses in Russia has a long history. The harsh climate of Siberia created the conditions under which people were forced to build dwellings with a large margin of reliability and thermal efficiency. It was a matter of life and death. Construction skills were shaped by labor dynasties from father to son. For many craftsmen, the prestige of a craft is much more important than profit. European conditions are not so harsh.

However, modern environmental and economic requirements of the European Union do not allow Russian craftsmen to build in Europe. At this stage, German builders get down to business. By combining traditional and modern technologies, we provide reliable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing for people throughout Europe.

Why is it profitable to stay with us?

The joint portal Waldihaus was created specifically for Russian house builders. The goal of this project is to provide Russian manufacturers with the opportunity to sell their homes in Europe. We invite ALL Russian manufacturers of wooden houses to cooperate.

We provide competent advertising

The interface of our portal is designed taking into account the specifics of the perception of European consumers. In the creation of SEO texts, European terminology was used.

We are trusted

Often, buyers refuse to work with Russian companies directly because of the risk of being defrauded. We commit ourselves to the agreements reached.

We work in the interests of the client.

All home manufacturers are on an equal footing. If the buyer opted for your project, communication will only be with you.

We provide free translation

At the time of communication with a client, a misunderstanding may arise due to the language barrier. We undertake to solve this problem for free.

We help to pass the control.

Architectural control in each EU country is different, everywhere there are different construction rules. We help you to formally approve the project at the Ministry of Construction.

Assistance in product certification.

Our knowledge of the current European legislation will ensure the correct and timely execution of certification documents. You will not have any problems with customs and local authorities.

We invite you to cooperation

To enter your company on the European market, you need:

  1. Register on the Waldihaus GmbH portal. The service is free.
  2. Place all products and services in myWaldihaus
    provided by your company. The service is free.
  3. Get the terms of cooperation Europa-paket from Waldihaus GmbH