Self-production of the embossed timber

Stages of production

     1. Material preparation

For the production of the embossed timber, we use coniferous woods of the 1st and 2nd type

     2. Acceptance

The specialists of the technical control do the manual acceptance of the converted timber.

    3. Dressing

Four-edged dressing removes all roughness

    4. Checking for the defaults

The purpose of the observing the timber after the dressing is to find all possible defaults, like unsound knots or pitch pockets

    5. Blading of the timber

Arbeitsstücke werden so profiliert, dass sie keine Wärmedämmung der ganzen Länge nach nicht brauchen

    6. Shaping groove

Fitting timber together is being done into the soffit cusp T-slot which is called «groove»

    7. Marking

Each detail is being marked for the builder to know the place of the detail in the building house precisely.

    8. Quality control

The department of the quality control controls the whole process of the manufacturing step by step.
The quality of each making of the timber is being checked.

The equipment

The company uses the equipment from the leading European manufactures, manufacturing line by the leaders, Hundegger and Weinig.