Houses made of profiled timber

The most affordable solid wood option. Ecological living made from the finest spruce wood, fir wood, or cedar wood. Available in wall thicknesses ranging from approximately 10cm to 20cm, including options around 10cm, 14cm, and 20cm.

Sauna house Oberhof buy

from 36.000,- EUR

34 m²

House Leipzig buy

from 64.000,- EUR

House Kassel buy

from 58.000,- EUR

House Mannheim buy

from 68.500,- EUR

House Bremen buy

from 58.000,- EUR

House Rosenheim buy

from 94.000,- EUR

House Würzburg buy

from 52.000,- EUR

Sauna house Neustadt buy

from 60.000,- EUR

House Bad Homburg buy

from 126.000,- EUR

House Landshut buy

from 96.000,- EUR

House Konstanz buy

from 96.000,- EUR

House Starnberg buy

from 156.000,- EUR

House Bonn buy

from 138.000,- EUR

Saunahaus Lichtenau kaufen

ab 39.188,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus München kaufen

ab 58.762,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus Nürnberg kaufen

ab 69.392,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus Ulm kaufen

ab 85.195,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus Ravensburg kaufen

ab 110.224,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus Limburg kaufen

ab 90.447,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Haus Hannover kaufen

ab 103.078,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)