Here you can see examples of houses of different construction methods. From log houses to various houses in timber frame construction. On one hand, there is the traditional half-timbered house, on the other hand, there is the house in timber frame construction or the double-wall house.

Blockhaus aus Rundholz oder Naturstamm kaufen

Blockhaus Prien mit Sauna

ab 50.676,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

50 m²

Blockhaus Ferienhaus Rostock

ab 56.540,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

56 m²

Blockhaus Osnabrück

ab 98.363,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

96 m²

from 64.000,- EUR

45 m²

from 58.000,- EUR

71 m²

from 94.000,- EUR

99 m²

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65 m²

ab 138.267,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

102 m²

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110 m²

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-- m²

ab 1500,- EUR/m² (inkl. MWSt.)

88 m²

from 27.000,- EUR

33 m²

from 10.500,- EUR

13 m²

from 36.000,- EUR

45 m²