Garden cottages, bungalows, and carports.

Choose from a range of wall options. From block logs to double walls, to solid wood walls with profiled timber beams, round timber beams, or natural logs.

Pavillon Märchensee

ab 2.034,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

3 m²

Gartenhaus Rotenburg

ab 3.399,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Pavillon Schwanensee

ab 2.799,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Pavillon Waldsee

ab 3.499,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Gartenhaus Hausen

ab 5.899,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

Bungalow Herzberg

ab 7.799,- EUR (inkl. MWSt.)

from 27.000,- EUR
from 36.000,- EUR
from 21.000,- EUR
from 10.500,- EUR